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Marxism and Italian Theory Working Group: A Reading of Negri's EMPIRE

Date & Time:
October 28, 2016 | 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Drs. Francesca Cadel (LLLC) & Pablo Policzer (LARC, Political Science) are pleased to invite you to the first meeting of our CIH Working Group on Marxism and Italian Theory. 

Antonio Negri came to international prominence with the publication of Empire (written with his collaborator Michael Hardt, and published by Harvard University Press in 2000), which argued that just as the current forms of global sovereignty are decentered and global, so are the forms of liberation that should supersede it. On our first meeting, we will discuss the first part of Empire, and present a tentative schedule for our remaining meetings during 2016-17. This group is open to anyone, from any discipline, and from the public at large. No expertise in Italian, philosophy, or politics required. Only a willingness to read and discuss. If interested in joining, please RSVP to and show up on the 28th having read Part 1 of Empire, “The Political Constitution of the Present” (pp. 1-66). Empire is widely available online, at the library or bookstores.