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Call for Applications - LARC Ideas Groups

LARC Ideas Group - Call for Applications 

The LARC Ideas Group is a new initiative that encourages collaborative innovation by offering a group from different disciplines the opportunity to explore and develop new ideas. A group must be convened by at least two individuals from different departments, and must agree to meet at least five times during the academic year.  Membership should be open to both students and faculty, and initial meetings should be publicized to attract diverse participants. A LARC Ideas Group can develop new ideas, share works in progress, experiment with diverse research or pursue a common project (including preparing grant applications).


A Group must be comprised of at least two indivi
duals from different departments, one of whom must be from the Faculty of Arts.


A Group may apply for up to $3,000 in funding to support its activities.  These funds can be used for graduate student assistance, to bring in collaborators or visiting speakers to campus, or for the support of a grant application. Funds may not be used to co-sponsor departmental speakers or events. Funds must be spent and all expenses submitted by June 30, 2017.


LARC will provide administrative support to advertise group events and to help coordinate group activities. Groups may use the LARC offices to meet.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed for their quality, creativity, interdisciplinary nature, and their potential for innovative outcomes. Boldness is encouraged, and a connection to Latin America is required.

Application Process

Applications are due by October 28, 2016. 

Applications (1-2 pages single spaced) should include:

¨ A statement of the Group’s research interests and goals.

¨ The names and contact information of the Group’s conveners, as well as names of any faculty or graduate students who have agreed to participate, or a statement about the strategy for identifying and recruiting group members.

¨ A detailed description of the proposed activities, indicating themes, topics or material likely to be covered by the group.

¨ A proposed budget (including, if applicable, the names of potential speakers).

Applications should be sent by email to the LARC Coordinator (  For further information, contact LARC Director Pablo Policzer (