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Chocolate de paz

Javier Benavides,, co-hosted the screening with LARC.

In collaboration with, LARC hosted the screening of the documentary Chocolate de paz/Chocolate of Peace (Colombia, 2016) by directors Gwen Burnyeat and Pablo Mejía Trujillo. Colombian Consul Andrés Talero was also present to discuss the issues surrounding peace in Colombia. Thoughts and background on the film from Director Gwen Burnyeat can be viewed in the below video. 

Chocolate of Peace depicts the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó’s experiences of resistance, via a journey through their processes of organic chocolate production. From the seed to the product, the cacao is the narrative thread that takes us through the Community’s stories of violence and resilience, and their fight to remain neutral in the face of the Colombian armed conflict.

For information on the film, visit 

Chocolate de paz - comments from Director Gwen Burnyeat from Latin American Research Centre on Vimeo.