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Global Lessons in Urban Diversity, Revitalization and Growth

Panelists and Moderator exchanged ideas and experiences on urban diversity and growth from across North America. 

The second installment of LARC's Dialogues Series on June 2 was a success! Panelists gathered to compare and discuss lessons and experiences in urban growth in Mexico, USA and Canada: Ing. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas (Mexico City's first democratically elected mayor and president candidate), Rollin Stanley (City of Calgary's General Manager, Urban Strategy), and Dr. Byron Miller (Dept. of Geography, University of Calgary). Moderator Jim Brown of CBC Radio facilitated an in depth exchange of experiences between the panelists on issues ranging from urban growth and management, to recycling initiatives and cultural urban diversity. Speakers and attendees alike identified ways in which Calgary can learn from experiences and strategies in Mexico and beyond.