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LARC staff completes Master’s in History of Medicine

Instrucción popular sobre los medios que deben emplearse para precaverse del contagio de la Cólera Morbo (1833).

Rogelio Velez Mendoza, who currently works as LARC digital support, has completed his master’s degree in History, with a concentration in history and philosophy of science at the University of Calgary. Rogelio wrote his master’s thesis on medical publications in Colombia during the first half of the nineteenth century.  Congratulations!

The subject of the thesis is how physicians wrote and published medical publications to popularize medicine, fight epidemics, and curtail the influence of charlatans in Bogotá, a few years after independence. Rogelio’s supervisors were Dr. Frank Stahnisch and Larc Fellow, Dr. Amelia Kiddle from the Department of History.