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Former LARC Director, Dr. Stephen Randall, was recently in Bogota, Colombia, for the publication of his new book Frente a la estrella polar: Colombia y Estados Unidos desde 1974.  >
The Latin American Research Centre and the School of Public Policy hosted a roundtable event on inter-American relations in the age of Trump at the Downtown Campus on March 3. >
LARC Fellow Dr. Eugene Beaulieu's article  "President Trump Should Not Renegotiate NAFTA" in the New York Times discusses the risks of renegotiating the agreement. >
LARC Director, Pablo Policzer, will lead a discussion following the screening of the documentary Shadow World as part of the Marda Loop Justice Film Fest justREEL series on March 14.  >
Long-time LARC Fellows Dr. Kathryn Reese-Taylor  (Dept. of Anthropology & Archaeology) and Dr. Hendrik Kraay (Dept. of History) discuss current research projects.  >
In collaboration with, LARC hosted the screening of the documentary Chocolate de paz/Chocolate of Peace (Colombia, 2016) by directors Gwen Burnyeat and Pablo Mejía Trujillo. >
Mexico Days 2016 concluded with a film screening and visit by Director Emilio Maillé. >
LARC Advisory Board Member Karina Briño, President & CEO of the Mining Association of BC, was named one of Canada's "100 most powerful women" by the Women's Executive Network.  >
Mexico Days was celebrated with several exciting events on campus.  >
Dr. Harrie Vredenburg publishes on the Caribbean's renewable energy landscape and the challenges faced by the region. >
LARC Fellow and Former Director Dr. Stephen Randall speaks on the 'Global Exchange' Podcast on the recent Colombian peace deal and the failed referendum that followed. >
The LARC Ideas Group encourages collaborative innovation across disciplines. Applications due Oct 28, 2016.  >
On Sept 15, LARC filmed an information session on the upcoming plebiscite in Colombia. On October 2nd, Colombians will decide whether to approve or reject the historic peace accord between the... >
Long-time LARC Fellow Raj Rangayyan, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been named New Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. >
The Associaçäo Nacional dos Auditores de Controle Externo dos Tribunais de Contas do Brasil (ANTC) and the Associaçäo Contas Abertas recognized Mariana Hipólito R. Mota for her recent LARC... >